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Spain Flag

The Flag of Spain is one of the most important symbols of the country and has been used for centuries to represent national unity and identity. This flag is known for its unique design and vibrant colors, which represent the history and pride of Spain.

Colors of the Spanish flag

The Spanish flag is a tricolor design, composed of three horizontal stripes of equal size, the upper and lower ones being red and the central one yellow.

The red and yellow colors are the traditional colors of Spain, and their origin is believed to date back to medieval times. These colors also are the colors of the cities of Leon and Castile, which united their kingdoms in the Middle Ages to form the Kingdom of Spain.

The red and yellow colors are the colors of the House of Bourbon too, the Spanish royal family.

The yellow color is believed to represent the gold of the Americas and the red the blood shed by the Spaniards in the different conflicts and wars as a symbol of the defense of the unity of Spain, that is to say, as a memory of all the Spaniards who have given their blood for the Nation.

History of the spanish flag

The history of the Spanish flag is long and exciting. The first time a design similar to the current Spanish flag was used was in 1785, during the reign of Charles III. However, the current flag was not officially adopted as the national flag of Spain until 1981. Prior to that, there were several different flags in use in different regions of Spain.

The Spanish flag has been used at many important moments in the history of Spain. During the War of Independence, the Spanish flag was flown on ships that fought against Napoleonic forces. It has also been used in important sporting events, such as the Olympic Games and the soccer World Cup.

Coat of arms of the flag of Spain

Spanish Flag
Spanish Flag

The coat of arms of Spain can be found on the Spanish flag. The law 39/1981 about the use of the Spanish flag and other flags and ensigns, establishes that the coat of arms of Spain can be included in the yellow stripe of the flag, as long as the rules established in the law are followed.

It should be noted that the coat of arms of Spain is not contemplated in the Constitution but in a later law. Law 33/1981 and Royal Decree 2964/1981 regulate the shape and position of the coat of arms on the flag.

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