Cardiology in Spain

Cardiology in Spain has experienced great growth in recent decades. The trans-catheter treatment of cardiovascular has experienced the greatest progress. In Spain we have amazing professionals in interventional cardiology, as well as being pioneers at European level in the national accreditation of excellence in cardiology care.

Spanish Society of Cardiology (SEC)

The SEC approved its first statutes in 1944, and since then it has been dedicated to advance cardiovascular system´s knowledge, preventing and treating various cardiovascular diseases and improving patients´s life who suffer from them.

Sec Cardiology is made up of almost 6000 cardiology professionals who work to advance research and create actions that help us progress in the battle against cardiovascular diseases.

The Spanish Society of Cardiology carries out numerous institutional projects in the field of primary care and cardiology, defining and selecting minimum quality indicators in cardiology, ordering the introduction of innovations in the area of cardiac pathology, forums for dialogue in which to share experiences and design training or research activities… All this with the aim of working for the improvement of cardiology care in Spain.

Spanish Journal of Cardiology

The Spanish Journal of Cardiology (REC) was created in 1947. Dedicated to cardiovascular diseases and disseminating information from the Spanish Society of Cardiology, it contributes to reinforcing scientific research carried out in Spain. Its international scientific publications are carried out by experts of recognized scientific prestige.

How to take care of your heart

We have talked to Grupo Corpal, a team of cardiologists in Cordoba with experience in a Global Cardiology dedicated since 1981 to diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, about what we can do to take care of our cardiovascular system´s health.

There are modifiable risk factors that if controlled, could prevent a large percentage of premature deaths from cardiovascular disease. Among them we find obesity, sedentary lifestyle, tobacco, hypertension, cholesterol, periodontal disease or diabetes.

Leading a heart-healthy life, doing regular physical exercise, eating a balanced diet and saying goodbye to tobacco and excesses, is essential to taking care of our heart.

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